27 June 2015

Location: Beautiful Tube, MWW


White Stains – A European Impossibility

Jewish identity today reflects the very root of complete historical breakdown and a European impossibility. The lecture White Stains
challenges a Western universalism paradigm with a Middle Eastern, Palestinian, Jewish-Arab Mizrachi (Israeli Jews from Arab and Islam states origin) and other different particularities. Ami Steinitz (* 1952) is a curator who during the 1980s developed programs for alternative art spaces in Tel-Aviv and suburban towns. In Ankara 1990 and in Sao-Paulo 1991 and 1998, in the context of the biennials, he curated exhibitions related to frictions between art centers and the periphery. During the 1990s, he established a non-commercial space and initiated processes with Mizrachi, Palestinians and Ethiopian communities. The gallery closed
in 2001 to experiment new curatorial options out of the traditional Western white cube.
With Um El Fahem residents, a Palestinian town in Israel, 2002-2006, and members of the Ethiopian Jewish community, 2011, he
developed urban public trails. Ami Steinitz initiated The School as a Cultural Campus, an art educational program, and serves as editorial member of a yearly photojournalism exhibition Local Testimony.