3 – 4 February 2014

Location: Web-Performance


›The night when Faust went kosher‹ Eine Web-Performance von SuperYoutour

A Jewish turtle and a contemporary Faust are testing themselves. Faust is on a mission, to merely understand the most complex question of all; what is Judaism? one night to study over 3000 years of history and culture. The Jewish turtle is skeptic. She is not interested, she knows all the answers. She is convinced that only a real Jew can understand what it is actually means to be one. The turtle policy is: defensive but not offensive. We are ready for everything. The artistic team SuperYoutour is running an experiment. One night, lots of questions. From the 3rd till the 4th of February SuperYoutour will spend the night in the Kunsthaus Dresden. Audience will be able to participate in the 14 h experiment exclusively online.

Start: 03.02.2014 – 8 pm / End: 04.02.2014 – 10 am

    Superyoutour Dinovitz/Lebert: "The night when Faust went kosher", Live-Web-Performance. Photo: David Brandt