24 June 2015

Location: Beautiful Tube, MWW


Presence, absence and all that lies in between – artists in the face of history and Jewish life in Poland

With Rafał Betlejewski, Patrycja Dołowy, and Gabi and Uwe von Seltmann. Moderated by Katka Reszke
A panel discussion about the special role of artists in the context of complex Polish-Jewish relations and the contemporary Polish-Jewish narratives about identity.
RAFAŁ BETLEJEWSKI (* 1969 in Gdańsk) is a Polish performer, paratheatrical artist (founder of Teatr Przezroczysty), copywriter, initiator of social actions (including ›Burn the Shame‹ and ›I Miss You, Jew‹). He is interested in the phenomenon of identity,  assuming social roles, language, and social communication. Betlejewski, founder of the advertising agencies Cytryna Agencja  Reklamowa and Koledzy Strategia & Kreacja, is president of Stowarzyszenie Ludzi Reklamy, an association of people working in advertising. He hosts the TV programs DeFacto and Betlejewski, as well as radio programs on the RDC Polish Radio.
PATRYCJA DOŁOWY is a multimedia artist who mainly uses photography, performance, graphics, and video, but also works in literary formats, publishing plays and essays. She has been interested in issues connected with memory for several years. After graduating from the Academy of Artistic Photography of the Higher Schools of Photography in Wrocław and further studies in
Warsaw, she obtained a PhD in natural sciences. As the vice president of MaMa Foundation and president of the Polish Science Journalists’ Association, she regularly cooperates with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the Centre for Yiddish Culture.
GABRIELA VON SELTMAN (*1971 in Poland) is a visual artist and specialist in Romance studies. She uses visual arts and film
to look for answers to questions concerning memory, identity, and historical entanglements.
UWE VON SELTMANN (*1964 in Germany) is a writer and freelance journalist writing for Jüdische Allgemeine and Spiegel-
Online. After studies in Erlangen, Vienna, and Tubingen, he lived in Jerusalem for many years. From 2004 to 2008, he was chief editor of a weekly published in Saxony. Living in Cracow since 2006, he guides literary trips following Yiddish authors in Ukraine, and is one of the founders of an association supporting the synagogue in Görlitz. Gabriela and Uwe von Seltmann initiated the ›Future of the Past‹ project focusing on the post-trauma of the second and third generation after WWII. As a result of their investigations, a book was published (Gabi and Uwe, PWN, 2012) and a series of interviews Ratującym – Ocaleni, 2015, as well as a documentary in Yiddish titled Boris Dorfman – A Mentsh, which received the Yiddish Oscar in 2014 and was awarded the medal of the Monumentum Iudaicum Lodzense Foundation for preserving the memory of Yiddish culture. The couple is currently working
on a documentary on the poet and songwriter Mordechai Gebirtig titled Email to Gebirtig.