4 April 2014

Location: Scheune



Kabbalah is a band from Marseille with musicians from the most various musical and cultural backgrounds. The different styles that they bring along are combined by the musicians from Saint Petersburg, Cameroon, Berlin, New York, and Cracow to a unique mixture which Stef Galewski has termed ‘Yiddish Dada’.

The songs usually have Yiddish lyrics, but there are also Russian, English and German ones, resulting in, as the band calls it: ‘Slam rock, Yid pop, a golem on Congo Square and maybe also Bikutsi punk.’


The band:

Stef Galeski: Oran – Cracovie, voice, banjo , guitars, mando-lute

Uliphant2000: Brooklyn – Berlin, wind instruments and typewriters

Pat2bass: Douala – Marseille, bass and Infravox

Anakin Startseva: Saint Petersburg – Datcha, strings, bubbles and musical clocks

Luigi El Gatto: Marseille – Chicago, drums and glasses