12 January 2014

Location: Jüdische Gemeinde zu Dresden, Hasenberg 1



Germans usually only associate Hitler and the Holocaust with the word Jew. When asked, the number of Jews believed to live in Germany is always in the millions. Nobody knows what a quota refugee is. Tanja Grinberg’s highly informative documentary about Ilia, Swetlana and Lena, who came from the former Soviet Union to Germany as so-called quota refugees when they were children and youths, gives an account of three life stories and three Jewish conceptions of identity that became possible in their second homeland. The generation of their parents, in contrast, still feels foreign in Germany until this day. It is not for nothing that the young filmmaker dedicated the film to her parents who gave up their world to give me a better one’.

(Documentary film, director: Tanja Grinberg, Germany, 2010, 51 min.)