1 December 2013 – 14 July 2014

Location: Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr, Dresden


Das Kunsthaus Dresden zu Gast im MHM: ›Entartete Kunst Lebt‹ von Yael Bartana (2010)

The 16 mm film and sound installation by the Israeli artist Yael Bartana who lives in Berlin and Amsterdam recalls to life a pivotal work by Otto Dix, which is simultaneously connected to Dresden’s art history currently being discussed in the wake of the discovered Gurlitt collection: ‘Kriegskrüppel (War Cripples, 1920)’. Displayed at the first Dada exhibition in Berlin, the work was given as a gift to the collection of the Stadtmuseum Dresden. In 1933 it was included as an example of the defamed modern art of the big cities in the first ‘Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art)’ exhibition. The piece ‘Entartete Kunst Lebt (Degenerate Art Lives) reinstates the destroyed Dix painting and his criticism of nationalism and false heroism, at the time expressed against the background of the First World War. The work is part of the show Vot ken you mach?