27 June 2015

Location: Beautiful Tube, MWW


White Stains – A European Impossibility

Jewish identity today reflects the very root of complete historical breakdown and a European impossibility. The lecture White Stains challenges a Western universalism paradigm with a Middle Eastern, Palestinian, Jewish-Arab Mizrachi (Israeli Jews from Arab and Islam states origin) and other different particularities. Ami Steinitz (* 1952) is a curator who during the 1980s developed programs [...]



29 May 2015

Location: Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław, Wrocław


Opening Wrocław

The title of the exhibition Vot ken you mach? has been taken from a popular song by Aaron Lebedeff (1873–1960), a chorister born in Belarus who emigrated to the USA in the 1920s and quickly became a star of Jewish vaudeville. At the time, the song written in Anglicized Yiddish gave a linguistic form to [...]

30 May – 31 August 2015

Location: Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław

Exhibition, Film, Talk, Concert, Lecture

Vot ken you mach? - Sztuka, filmy, koncerty, komiksy, wykłady, oraz dyskusje o zydowskiej, tozsamosci w dzisiejszej Europie

Paweł Althamer (Warsaw), Łukasz Baksik (Warsaw), Yael Bartana (Amsterdam / Berlin / Tel Aviv), Stanisław Dróżdż (died in 2009 in Wrocław), Amit Epstein (Berlin), Inga Fonar-Cocos (Tel Aviv), Yael Frank (Tel Aviv), Karolina Freino (Wrocław), Eduard Freidmann (Vienna), Rafał Jakubowicz (Poznań), Sharone Lifschitz (London), Haim Maor (Beersheba), Dawid Marszewski (Poznań), Michaela Melián (Hamburg), Tamara Moyzes [...]

29 May 2015

Location: MWW Wroclaw


Publication accompanying exhibiton Vot ken you mach?:  Editor-in-chief: B. Lis / Authors of texts: Rafał Jakubowicz, Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz /39 cm x 57,5 cm, 8 p., circulation: 2000, Wrocław 2015

29 May – 27 August 2015

Location: Synagoga pod Białym Bocianem / MWW


Musical Events in Wrocław

The common perception of Jewish music as a ceremonial music connected with religious rituals and observances is historically  justifiable. Its lay form, klezmer, emerged in the culture of the Ashkenazi Jews in Eastern Europe as late as the 18th century. It went on to spread to the West, assuming numerous local variations, until finally in [...]

23 August 2015

Location: Open-air screening on MWW roof


Eyes Wide Open

Aaron runs a kosher butcher shop in an ultra-orthodox part of Jerusalem. With his wife and four sons, he leads a calm, devout life. One day, it is disturbed by the appearance of a lost soul – Ezri, a student who awakens forbidden feelings in Aaron. The director explores the moral boundaries of his own [...]

9 August 2015

Location: Open-air screening on MWW roof


Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

Shown at the Cannes festival and Israel’s submission for the 2015 Academy Award, “Gett” is a poignant depiction of a woman’s struggle to regain her dignity and independence in today’s Israel. Viviane Amsalem, the main character, has been trying to divorce her husband Elisha before the only legal body competent to hear such cases in [...]

25 June 2015

Location: Beautiful Tube, MWW


Crafting a New Judaism: Artists on the Forefront of Re-Inventing Jewish Identity

with Jacqueline Nicholls (visual artist and educator, London) in conversation with Katka Reszke (writer and documentary filmmaker, New York) A conversation reflecting the role of art in generating and challenging different ways of being Jewish in today’s world: JAQUELINE NICHOLLS is a visual artist and Jewish educator, who uses art to engage with traditional Jewish [...]

1 December 2013

Location: Kunsthaus



Schedule: Welcoming: Dr. Ralf Lunau, Beigeordneter für Kultur;  Welcoming Speech: Alexander Nachama, Rabbiner, Jüdische Gemeinde Dresden; Greeting: Dorota Monkiewicz, Muzeum Współczesne, Wrocław; Concert:  Ofrin (Solo) 17 Uhr; Opening: Olga Mannheimer, München; Introduction: Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz & Valentina Marcenaro; 18 Uhr: Ofrin (Solo) Photographic documentation of the opening event of Nikola Radic-Lucati, one of the participating artists:

1 December 2013

Location: Kunsthaus



In the concerts of the Israeli singer Ofrin, theatrical performance meets projection art, and electronic music meets handmade acoustic pop. Her songs resonate with trance-like tribal music as well as virtual sonic worlds as they can only arise in the urban space of a metropolis like Tel Aviv or Berlin. Ofrin’s newest project premiered at [...]

1 December 2013 – 14 July 2014

Location: Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr, Dresden


Kunsthaus Dresden in MHM: ›Degenerate Art Lives‹ of Yael Bartana (2010)

The 16 mm film and sound installation by the Israeli artist Yael Bartana who lives in Berlin and Amsterdam recalls to life a pivotal work by Otto Dix, which is simultaneously connected to Dresden’s art history currently being discussed in the wake of the discovered Gurlitt collection: ‘Kriegskrüppel (War Cripples, 1920)’. Displayed at the first [...]

10 – 11 January 2014

Location: Technische Sammlungen Dresden


It Looks Pretty from a Distance

Unfolding in a secluded Polish village by the woods and a river Z daleka widok jest piękny (It looks pretty from a distance) is a love story between a scrapper and a girl. In an air of ubiquitous secrecy the villagers and the couple live their usual dull lives of hardship until the scrapper vanishes. [...]

12 January 2014

Location: Jüdische Gemeinde zu Dresden


Normal Jewish?

Elke R. Steiner (comic author, Berlin), Galina Putjata (linguist, Dresden, member of the Jewish Community of Dresden and the person portrayed by Elke R. Steiner) and Viola Roggenkamp (author, Hamburg); moderation Valentina Marcenaro (co-curator of ›Vot ken you mach‹) On the occasion of the opening of the show Dresden 5774 by Elke R. Steiner, a reading and discussion [...]

16 August 2015

Location: Open-air screening on MWW roof


Father and Son

They are connected by the same surname, a job they are both passionate about, but also by a strong and complicated bond that leaves much unsaid. Two outstanding documentarians, Marcel and Paweł Łoziński, set out on a journey across Europe in their car. The father wants to return to his birthplace while the son – [...]

12 January – 23 March 2014

Location: Gemeindehaus der Jüdischen Gemeinde zu Dresden, Hasenberg 1



With Dresden 5774, the Jewish Community opens an exhibition dedicated to the cartoon stories of the Berlin-based cartoonist Elke R. Steiner, which she created specifically for Vot ken you mach?. Four Dresden residents born in the former Soviet union tell their stories. The comic strips give a vivid account of the various personalities of different generations, [...]

12 January 2014

Location: Jüdische Gemeinde zu Dresden, Hasenberg 1



Germans usually only associate Hitler and the Holocaust with the word Jew. When asked, the number of Jews believed to live in Germany is always in the millions. Nobody knows what a quota refugee is. Tanja Grinberg’s highly informative documentary about Ilia, Swetlana and Lena, who came from the former Soviet Union to Germany as [...]

21 January – 28 March 2014

Location: Kunstfoyer, Kulturrathaus

Exhibition, Talk

Luftmenschen - Between Algiers and Odessa, underway in the picture worlds of the French cartoonist Joann Sfar

An exhibition by Kunsthaus Dresden in cooperation with the Institut français in Dresden and the Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Dresden in the frame of the project Vot ken you mach? with works by the famous French cartoonist Joann Sfar. ›It is not my task to show things the way they are‹,  says one of the protagonists in [...]

21 January – 4 May 2014

Location: Kunsthaus Dresden


Rootless Cosmopolitans. Comics on Jewish Identities in Europe, the United States and Israel

In the frame of Vot ken you mach, Jonas Engelmann, a freelance writer and comics specialist in Wiesbaden, has compiled an exhibition titled Wurzellose Kosmopoliten. Comics zu jüdischen Identitäten in Europa, USA und Israel (Rootless Cosmopolitans. Comics on Jewish Identities in Europe, the United States and Israel) on view from January 22 in the foyer of [...]

24 – 25 January 2014

Location: Technische Sammlungen


The Rabbi’s Cat

Algiers in the 1920s: Rabbi Sfar (Maurice Bénichou) has to cope with quite a few problems. His beautiful daughter Zlabya (Hafsia Herzi) has entered puberty and his parrot-killing cat (François Morel) has just started talking. So he’s not in need of an adventure that would completely change his life. But then a delivery box arrives [...]

27 August 2015

Location: MWW-roof Wrocław



We would like to invite you to the final concert accompanying the ›Vot Ken You Mach?‹ exhibition, which is on show at Wrocław Contemporary Museum until 31 August. The Pole trio was set up in Warsaw in 2012 by drummer Janek Młynarski, bassist Piotr Zabrodzki and clarinet player Michał Górczyński. The group is particular about improvised music, [...]

3 – 4 February 2014

Location: Web-Performance


›The night when Faust went kosher‹ Eine Web-Performance von SuperYoutour

A Jewish turtle and a contemporary Faust are testing themselves. Faust is on a mission, to merely understand the most complex question of all; what is Judaism? one night to study over 3000 years of history and culture. The Jewish turtle is skeptic. She is not interested, she knows all the answers. She is convinced [...]

10 April 2014

Location: HfBK Dresden, Güntzstr. 34


Terms of Art: Astrid Schmetterling on the subject of memory

Astrid Schmetterling is an art historian and art theorist. She teaches at the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College, University of London. The main focus of her academic work and teaching is on studying the interrelations between history, culture and remembrance. She has published, among others, a monograph on Charlotte Salomon (Jüdischer Verlag im [...]

7 – 8 February 2014

Location: Technische Sammlungen


The Flat

An apartment in Tel Aviv, a piece of Berlin in the middle of Israel. Gerda Tuchler and her husband Kurt lived here for 70 years after they had to flee the Holocaust in Germany. They discarded nothing. After her death at the age of 98, the family meets to break up the household. Among numerous [...]

8 February 2014

Location: Kunsthaus


Being true jewish, somehow jewish, otherwise jewish: discussion about jewish self-conceptions beyond definitions

At the beginning of the event, Liron Dinovitz and Martina Lebert present excerpts of their Web performance The night when Faust went kosher, shown on the night of February 3 to 4 at Kunsthaus Dresden (it can still be viewed in the archive at www.kunsthausdresden.de/faustwentkosher). A Jewish turtle and a contemporary Faust test themselves. Faust is [...]

21 – 22 February 2014

Location: Technische Sammlungen


Oma und Bella

Oma and Bella is an intimate portrait of two elderly Jewish women in Berlin with humor, powerful stories, and a deep fondness for good food. As the documentary follows them through their daily lives, a portrait emerges of two Holocaust survivors who stayed in Germany. They answer questions of heritage, memory and identity, ultimately, through [...]

24 June 2015

Location: Beautiful Tube, MWW


Presence, absence and all that lies in between – artists in the face of history and Jewish life in Poland

With Rafał Betlejewski, Patrycja Dołowy, and Gabi and Uwe von Seltmann. Moderated by Katka Reszke A panel discussion about the special role of artists in the context of complex Polish-Jewish relations and the contemporary Polish-Jewish narratives about identity. RAFAŁ BETLEJEWSKI (* 1969 in Gdańsk) is a Polish performer, paratheatrical artist (founder of Teatr Przezroczysty), copywriter, initiator of [...]

7 – 8 March 2014

Location: Technische Sammlungen


Das verrückte Liebesleben des Simon Eskenazy

The life of the Klezmer clarinetist Simon (Antoine de Caunes) is as colorful as the Parisian immigrant quarter in which he lives. Despite stress in his job, an ill mother who unexpectedly moves in with him, and a boyfriend, he gets involved for a night with the young Arab Naïm (fabulous: Mehdi Dehbi). He wants [...]

29 March 2014

Location: Kunsthaus


You can be the Ewiger Jew

Talk / Discussion with Caspar Battegay (Institute for Jewish Studies at the University of Basel) and Daniel Kahn (Musician, USA/Berlin) Daniel Kahn, born and raised in Detroit, is a singer, musician, actor, director, composer, and story-teller, and founder of the band Daniel Kahn  & The Painted Birds. After studying theater studies and music, he lived and [...]

29 March 2014

Location: Kunsthaus


Daniel Kahn

Daniel Kahn, born and raised in Detroit, is a singer, musician, actor, director, composer, and story-teller, and founder of the band Daniel Kahn  & The Painted Birds. After studying theater studies and music, he lived and worked in New Orleans, Detroit, New York, and Ann Arbor, making a name for himself as a nightclub pianist, [...]

4 April 2014

Location: Scheune



Kabbalah is a band from Marseille with musicians from the most various musical and cultural backgrounds. The different styles that they bring along are combined by the musicians from Saint Petersburg, Cameroon, Berlin, New York, and Cracow to a unique mixture which Stef Galewski has termed ‘Yiddish Dada’. The songs usually have Yiddish lyrics, but there [...]

4 – 5 April 2014

Location: Technische Sammlungen


Hannah Arendt

When Hannah Arendt (Barbara Sukowa) enters the courtroom in Jerusalem in 1961 to report on the trial against the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann for the renowned The New Yorker, she expects meeting a monster. Instead, she experiences a nobody. Eichmann’s vapid mediocrity doesn’t fit to the abysmal evil of his deeds. This contradiction is something [...]

6 April 2014

Location: Kunsthaus

Film, Talk


Tal Sterngast (artist and filmmaker, Berlin) and Manfred Hermes (freelance author, Berlin) talk about Jewish revenge after the Shoah based on film examples. In Quentin Tarantino’s movie Inglourious Basterds (2009), a broad audience took pleasure in an imaginary revenge campaign against the perpetrators of the Shoah. Since the beginning of artistic dealings with the ‘final solution,’ Jewish [...]

12 – 26 April 2014

Location: S T O R E


Michaela Melián: Heimweh

Opening of the exhibition by the artist Michaela Melián:  Heimweh in cooperation with the Dresdner exhibition space S T O R E run by Konstanze Schütze and Paul Barsch. Michaela Melián has previously presented an extensive artistic work dealing with the history of the displaced persons camp Föhrenwald near Munich and the people who lived there. Between 1946 [...]

13 April 2014

Location: Kunsthaus


Missing Links

Invited to Missing Links, a panel discussion on April 13 on art, museum work and the blank spots on the maps of our memory are: Jutta Fleckenstein (Jüdisches Museum München), Astrid Schmetterling (Goldsmiths College) and Marika Reuterswärd (Konstmuseum Malmö). Prior to the discussion, a screening of Ellis Island (1981) by Meredith Monk and the first film [...]

14 October 2013 – 30 September 2014

Location: Dresden, Bautzen, Kamenz, Radibor, Adorf (Vogtland)

Exhibition, School Project

Vot ken you mach mobile

Vot ken you mach mobil is a project dedicated to the diversity of cultural identities for junior high schools in rural regions of Saxony and in Dresden. The mobile exhibition displays works by Amit Epstein, Shira Wachsmann and Claire Waffel in a container at the schools and offers pupils an exhibition visit followed by joint [...]

Kunsthaus Dresden

Städtische Galerie für Gegenwartskunst

Rähnitzgasse 8, D-01097 Dresden

T +49 351 804 14 56


Exhibition and accompanying programme of events in Dresden:

Curators:  Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz in cooperation with
Valentina Marcenaro and Rafał Jakubowicz
Artistic Direction: Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz
Curators Satellite Exhibitions: Jonas Engelmann, Christoph Rodde

Curatorial Assistance: Daniela Hoferer
Project Assistance: Kristina-Monika Hinneburg
Vot ken you mach mobil: Daniela Hoferer, Lars Hiller

Public Relations: Karin Ziegler


Exhibition and accompanying programme of events in Wrocław:

Curators: Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, Rafał Jakubowicz
Artistic Direction Wrocław: Dorota Monkiewicz
Head of Production: Paweł Bąkowski
Curator of Debates: Katka Reszke
Music program curator: Adam Moryc
Bartek Lis
Educational program: Magdalena Skowrońska, Maria Marszałek, Patrycja Mastej
Public Relations: Magdalena Skrabek




Vot ken

An exhibition of Kunsthaus Dresden – Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art. In cooperation with MWW – Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław, the Jewish Community Dresden and Konstmuseum Malmö

Partners: Technische Sammlungen Dresden, Kulturzentrum Scheune e. V., Institut français Dresden, HATiKVA – die Bildungs- und Begegnungsstätte für jüdische Geschichte und Kultur Sachsen e.V., Militärhistorisches Museum Dresden, STORE, Konstmuseum Malmö.

For “Vot ken you mach mobil”: the junior professorship of art and art education with a main focus on new media at the Institute of Art and Music Studies of the TU Dresden

Funded by the German Federal Foundation and the Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung together with the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden and co-financed by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation

The educational program ›Vot ken you mach mobil‹ is funded by the Landesprogramm ›Weltoffenes Sachsen für Demokratie und Toleranz‹. The educational program at Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Print: Pascal Storz und Fabian Bremer
Texts: Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, Rafał Jakubovicz, Kristina-Monika Hinneburg, Daniela Hoferer
English Translation: Karl Hoffmann
Website: Fuchs Borst